Eglu Specifications
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The Eglu and Eglu Cube Specifications

How many animals is the Eglu/Cube suitable for?

Animal Eglu Classic Eglu Go/Go Hutch/Go UP
Eglu Cube Mk1 2m Run Eglu Cube  Mk1 3m Run
Chickens 4 medium 4 medium 6 medium 10 medium
Rabbits 2 medium 2 medium                   /                 /
Guinea Pigs 2-3 with 1m run or 5-6 with 2m run  2-3 with 1m run or 5-6 with 2m run                  /                /
Ducks 2-3 medium  2-3 medium                 /                /

What is the eglu made from?

  • The eglu is moulded from medium density polyethlene (MDPE) which is a tough plasic
  • The colour and plastic is protected by UV stablisers to increase longivity
  • Polyethlene is a low energy plastic, the eglu is made using low tempretures and no pressure
  • 100% recyclable, chemicals are not needed, simply regrind and reuse the plastic
  • The steel weld mesh is 12 gauge (2.5mm diameter) and the run is coated with a special plastic (called performance polymer alloy) which bonds to the metal. This means that even if it gets scratched it will only rust locally - it wont spread

Where is the eglu made?

The Eglu Classic and Eglu Cube are made in the UK.

The Eglu Go, Go Hutch and Eglu Go UP are produced in China.

How long will the Eglu Last?

Under normal conditions the eglu should last for around 10-15 years if not longer and parts are guaranteed for 1 year.

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