What are the General Benefits of using an Eglu
Posted by on 01 November 2017 05:13 PM

There are many benefits of owning and Eglu chicken house over traditional wooden chicken arcs.

These are listed below-

  • Easy to clean - The Eglu has wipe clean surfaces which can be disinfected and kept hygienically clean

  • Helps to controls red-mite- The plastic on the Eglus does not eradicate red-mite, but helps you easily control them, as there is no-where for them to burrow in to like in wooden coops.

  • Long Lasting - The Eglu is made from tough plastic which will not rot.

  • Easy Access - The lid can be taken off giving full access to the inside of the house for further cleaning

  • Double Insulation - It has a double wall construction which makes it very effective at insulating it against changes in outside temperature

  • Fox Resistant Run - The run is made from steel weld mesh, much stronger than ordinary chicken wire and has a unique skirt to make it harder to for predators to dig underneath.

  • Easy to Move - The Eglu and run can be moved by one person

  • Child Friendly - It is easy for your children to use

  • Looks Great - The Eglu is available in a range of colours to suit any garden

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