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NETTEX ANTI-FEDERPICKEN SPRAY Federpicken ist ein häufiges Verhaltensproblem bei allen Geflügelarten und falls es nicht behandelt werden, kann es zu ernsthaften Wunden und Infektionen führen. Dieses An- ti-Federpicken Spray hat einen unangenehmen Geschma...
Aufbauanleitung für Eglu Cube Mk1 - Deutsch
Aufbauanleitung für Eglu Go Up - Deutsch
Bitte klicken Sie auf den unten stehenden Link, um die Anleitung als PDF herunterzuladen.
Here shows you the frames that come with the Beehaus
CHICKEN SPICE is useful for when a chicken isnt laying, whilst moulting and as a general pick-me-up. Chicken spice is infact a mineral supplement to keep your chickens in tiptop condition. You might give this to your chicken if it is moulting or to hel...
Eglu Cube and Run Connection Kit Instructions
How to assemble an Eglu Cube Mk2 and Frame (first sold 14th September 2016).
How to assemble an Eglu Cube Mk2 (first sold 14th September 2016) 830.0439D - 23/05/17
Instructions for attaching the Eglu Cube Mk1 Run Extension.
Der Eglu Cube Mk1 Hühnerstall ist ideal für die Haltung von bis zu 10 Hühnern geeignet. Seine Bauweise basiert auf den gleichen revolutionären Grundsätzen wie unser original Eglu Classic Hühnerhaus. So verfügt er ebenfalls über eine herausnehmbare Kotschu...
How to assemble an Eglu Cube Mk2 Run Extension (first sold 14th September 2016).
How to assemble an Eglu Cube Mk2 Run (first sold 14th September 2016)
How to assemble the Wheels for an Eglu Cube Mk2 Run (first sold 14th September 2016)
EGLU GO UP- EGLU GO HOUSE- 74cm x 41cm x 81cm - 19.8kg The Eglu Go House box contains the Eglu Go house, roosting bars and nest box, droppings tray, Grub feeder, Glug drinker and the Eglu go House fixings pack. EGLU GO UP 2M RUN- 93cm x 59cm x 10.5c...
Forsham 4 Bird Dimensions
HOW DO I GET MY CHICKENS TO USE THE CHICKEN SWING? Chickens being birds are a bit quirky. Nonetheless, they are extremely habitual and love a routine. It seems the older they get, the slower they are to take on new habits. They are pretty low on the foo...
  Both the Eglu Go and Eglu Classic houses sleep up to 4 medium to large chickens, however the standard 2 meter runs that come with them, are really only suitable for up to 2 chickens, as it is best to try and give each chicken about a meter of run each...
Manuel d'instructions du Filet à poules - 12, 21, 32, 42 mètres
Manuel d'instructions du Nouveau Grand Poulailler Eglu Cube
Manuel de montage du Grand Enclos (Poules, Chats, Lapins, Cochons d'Inde)
Manuels d'instructions pour les niches Fido 24 et 36, ainsi que pour leurs armoires respectives, l'étagère et la tringle optionnelles.
OMLET CHICKEN FENCING BOX DIMENSIONS:   12M FENCING - 82cm x 19cm x 17cm - 5.9kg The 12m Fencing box contains: 12m Netting, 6 lower poles, 6 top poles 1 lower gate pole, 1 top gate pole, 16 pegs, 1 gate plate and 4 guy lines.   21M FENCING - 82c...
Box dimensions for Walk In Chicken Run and Walk In Cat Enclosure- BOX A- 951mm x 945mm x 125mm - 29.87kg BOX B- 951mm x 921mm x 55mm - 7.61kg BOX C- 981mm x 951mm x 80mm - 13.72kg BOX D - 951mm x 921mm x 55mm - 5.6kg BOX E - 981mm x 951mm x 88mm...
Outdoor Pet Run to Eglu Classic Connection Kit Instructions
Outdoor Pet Run to Eglu Cube Mk1 with Run Connection Kit Instructions
This is for the Eglu Cube Mk2 which first shipped in September 2016
Outdoor Pet Run to Eglu Go Connection Kit Instructions
Outdoor Pet Run to Eglu Go UP with Run Connection Kit Instructions
Outdoor Pet Run to Eglu Go with Run Connection Kit Instructions
Qute Single Instructions
Qute Single with storage Instructions
Science orientated lessons plans involving chickens.
The Walk in Chicken Run is designed to give your chickens more space while keeping them safe. New and improved, this range of Walk in Runs look great, whilst blending into the garden and they are designed to work with any kind of chicken house or chicken ...
These guides provide information on what parts you will be likely to find within the packaging of the Chicken Walk in Run. These are valid for Walk in Chicken Runs bought after November 2016 The parts list is broken down into sections that illustrate ...
AT GARDEN CENTRES There are also outlets at garden centres and pet shops throughout the UK, if you call us on 0845 450 2056 then we can tell you if there is an outlet in your area. VISIT AN OMLETEER Many customers who have Eglu's are happy for you t...
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